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Yahoo DSL Review  

Overview: SBC Yahoo! DSL Express Package gives you the same benefits and customization as the Starter Package but at faster speeds, allowing you to do a little more. Make stock trades, shop online, or even conduct business-to-business commerce.

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SBC - Yahoo! DSL

24 x 7 Live technical Support


Price For Internet Service
Unlimited Internet access for just $14.99/month, for the first 6 months to use while away from Express package. Save money when you choose SBC Yahoo! DSL Unlimited with Express package. A high-speed connection can save you time, make online activities like Music Vedios, Radio Station, downloading, Photos and Games & more enjoyable, open up the possibility of working from Express package… and so much more.
Setting up Internet Service
Setup is easy and automatic with SBC Yahoo! DSL's TotalAccess software that is available can be downloaded online. You also have 24x7 access to customer support for any help.
Level of Computer Skills
Users with any level of Computer Knowledge can enjoy. With TotalAccess software setup is easy and intuitive. The variety of tools built-in in the TotalAccess software enable a secure and safe surfing environment for all users.
Technical Support
Technical support can also be contacted by email or live chat. Support is offered 24x7. SBC Yahoo! DSL is ranked mostly in customer satisfaction ratings for High Speed service.
Number of Email Addresses
You get 10 email address with SBC Yahoo! DSL High Speed Internet. There are also free email providers on the internet like (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) however 10 email addresses are more than sufficient for an average user.
Ease of Cancellation
Please call 1-877-SBC-DSL5 (1-877-722-3755) to cancel your order.
Please be aware that if you have signed up for a term agreement, and you are cancelling your service prior to the end of that term, termination charges will apply.


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