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New Edge High Speed Review

Overview: In early 2008, Vancouver, Washington-based New Edge Networks, the business communications unit of EarthLink Inc., inaugurated its revolutionary MPLS over DSL service, allowing five classes of service over a DSL connection. With this offering, the first of its kind ever, New Edge is radically changing the network landscape by allowing the bi-directional use of MPLS classes of service over DSL.

New Edge has drastically lowered the price point at which a small enterprise can enter the MPLS world. As applications like SAP filter down to smaller businesses and technologies like VoIP become more attractive, it is necessary for enterprises that wish to use these tools effectively to strengthen their network infrastructure to support them. Before the advent of MPLS over DSL, this meant that it was necessary to have, at a minimum, a T1 line at every location. As T1 lines cost roughly four to five times the cost of a DSL connection, this is a major impediment to the adoption of these new tools.
Features & Benefits

DSL Access to MPLS Network Prioritization
New Edge Networks has developed a new enhancement to our MPLS network: A DSL-based platform that allows custom prioritization of network applications with up to five Classes of Service (CoS). New Edge is the first provider to bring together CoS traffic management with high-speed, low-cost DSL access, which puts the performance gain of MPLS networks within reach of more businesses.
Filling the Bandwidth Gap
While the convergence of voice, video and data applications heightens the need for traffic prioritization, the cost of T1 access has deterred many businesses from upgrading to a full MPLS network. New Edge’s MPLS with CoS over DSL fills the traditional gaps in service level and price between DSL and T1 connections. Now that businesses can implement an MPLS network with true CoS using DSL access, they have a cost-effective option for securing the performance of their critical applications, including VoIP and video.
Savings and Flexibility
MPLS with CoS over DSL delivers enterprise-class networking, making it easier for businesses to run a combination of applications for enhanced efficiency, customer service and profitability. They also have the flexibility to move up to more robust T1 lines at selected network locations as their business needs change. With New Edge MPLS, businesses can mix and match access technologies across the network without compromising the value of CoS prioritization and other benefits.
The New Edge Advantage
New Edge Networks builds private, secure multi-site business networks, and our extension of MPLS technology to DSL access reflects our commitment to deliver the highest-quality network performance to our customers. New Edge MPLS with CoS over DSL has drawn praise from industry analysts and the business community for offering the benefit of reliable network traffic management at a significant cost savings. We invite you to find out more about what this breakthrough network service can do for your business.
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